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What is the 'Skill-Based Classic Car Essay Contest'?
This unique 'Contest' allows up to a maximum of only 5,000 Contest Entries, by writing an easy 250-word-or-less Essay, about winning one of the many prizes, including 2 classic car or SUVs, 10 Swiss or U.S. gold coins or a lengthy DuPont Registry subscription.

What is the Essay
 Contest 'Subject'?
"What winning one of the 'Contest' prizes will mean to me/us in 'changing our lives and what will winning one of the Contest' prizes will mean to 'changing the lives of family members and/or friends, colleagues." 

How do I enter the 'Skill-Based Classic Car Essay Contest'?
Visit the website, then click on 'Contest Entry'.

What happens if the Minimum to Award Prizes is not met?
In order for the specified Contest prizes to be awarded, a minimum of 2,000 Contest Entries must be received.  If less than 3,500 entries are received, only the specified 2nd-prize-vehicle, plus all the gold coins and all subscriptions will be awarded  In the event less than 2,000 Entries are received,  Classic Contests, LLC will award only cash prizes, evenly divided, of 50% of the net proceeds to the 22 winning ticket holders.

Who can enter the Skill-Based Classic Car Essay Contest?
Anyone of minimum 18 years of age can enter the Contest, except as specified in & where prohibited by laws in the location/jurisdiction where the Entrant is domiciled, which is the responsibility of the individual Entrant to determine.  For more details on eligibility, please see the Rules.  All Country, Federal, State, local laws and regulations apply.

What is the Entry amount per ticket?
US $99.00 per Entry.

How many entries may I submit for this 'Skill-Based Classic Car Essay Contest?
You may enter as many Essays as you like, as often as you like. The named Charity[s] appreciate your support!

What are the odds of winning?
The odds are winning a prize depends on the number of Essays submitted. The winning odds are much better with our limited number of Entrants allowed, only 5,000, vs. the virtually unlimited number of tickets sold in 'raffles'!  The odds of winning the prizes depend on the total number of Contest entries submitted, with a maximum of 5,000.  We believe the odds are much better entering a 'Skill-Based Essay Contest', with a limited number of Entrants are specified! 

Who benefits from this fund-raising Essay Contest?
The beneficiaries are the charitable Entity[s], the Sponsor if any] specified in the particular 'Contest' and the Prize Winners, of course.

When does the 'Skill-Based Classic Car Essay Contest' start and end? 
The 'Contest' begins on September 25, 2021 and ends at 1500 hrs. USA MST on December 31, 2021, unless extended for a maximum of 90 days, per the Contest Rules, or sooner, when the maximum of 5,000 'Contest' Essay submissions have been received.

When will the Essay Contest winners be announced?
The Contest winners will be announced on 31 January 2022, sooner if possible, with an earlier Contest end or as soon thereafter as possible, no later than 31 January 2022.

Do I have to be present at the drawing of the winning ticket number to win?
Absolutely not!  One does not have to be present when the winning Essay ticket numbers are Judge-selected to win.

How will the winner be notified?
By email or telephone. The 'Contest' winners will be notified at the time & date specified in the 'Contest' Rules, by phone and/or email, based on the contact information provided in the 'Contest entry ticket purchase. We will post the contest winners ' names and ticket numbers on this website. Your 'Contest' Essay entrance purchase includes a donation to an appropriate automotive-related museum, auto-related entity or a community-based charitable organization. 'Contest prize-winners are required to determine if your 'Contest'-entry fee is tax-deductible. We do not warrant that your donation is or is not tax-deductible.

Are 'Contest' prizes considered to be income?
Yes. The prize winners are responsible for and will be required to pay all appropriate taxes due per Tax Laws in the winner's jurisdiction.The rules for the 'Contest can be viewed in the Rules section of the 'Contest' website.

How do I redeem the 'Contest' prize when I am the winner?
Classic Contests, LLC will contact the winners and provide all the details on delivery of the prizes  If any of the prize winners elect the 75% cash award in lieu of the prizes offered, the prizes will be delivered by U.S. Mail, wire transfer or other appropriate means. 

Do you have a question about the 'Contest' that isn't answered here?
For Contest-related entry questions, please contact us per the Website instructions.

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