1st Prize:  a 2013 - 2017 Ferrari 'California' convertible
[car photos/images are 'representative only - the actual car prize will be acquired based on availability]
2nd Prize: a 1960 - 1962 Chevrolet Corvette convertible
[car photos/images are 'representative only - the actual car prize will be acquired based on availability]
There are 9 Contest prizes, consisting of 1-each Swiss 500 Swiss Franc gold coins

3-year subscriptions to 'duPont Registry Autos & Homes'

Contest Rules

1. The selection of a classic car[s] or modern super-car[s] for 1st or 1st and 2nd Contest prizes is at the sole discretion of the Sponsor of this Classic Car Skill-Based Essay Contest. 'Contest', 'Classic Contests, Pt.

2. ELIGIBILITY: The essay contest may be entered by anyone world-wide who is eighteen [18] years of age or older.

The Judges of the contest, owners and ex-owners of the classic cars or other Contest prizes, sponsors, their employees or ex-employees, and the immediate families of those previously mentioned are disqualified and may not participate as an entrant. Multiple entries, with corresponding multiple fees, by an individual, are acceptable.

This Contest is open to anyone, worldwide, living in any country, except where entering such a Contest is prohibited by respective local law[s] !

3. The Contest entrant[s] has read the Essay Contest Rules and agrees to abide by these stated Rules.

4. All entries shall be deemed received whether or not the essay adheres to the Technical Requirements as set forth here-in. Absolutely No Refunds shall be made by reason of non-compliance or for any other reason What-So-Ever. However, the sponsors reserve the right to accept less than 4,500 entries, i.e. a minimum of 3,000 entries; under NO circumstances, may the number of Contest be increased beyond 4,500 ! In the case of accepting a minimum of 3,000 entries, only the 1st classic car prize will be awarded, but all of the other 'CH' gold coin prizes & duPont Registry prizes will be awarded.

The 'Contest entry fee is US$99. All entry fees shall be held in an Essay Contest Bank Account, until the minimum number of entries required have been received. No fee refunds are available, except as specified below in this Rule.

If the minimum number of entries has not been received by Contest closing-date, the Contest closing date may be extended a maximum of 60 days, at the discretion of the Sponsor. If by this optionally-elected Contest extended closing date, the minimum of 3,000 entries has not been met, ALL entry fees will be returned to Contest entrants, as efficiently as possible.

5.JUDGES: The five [5] Independent Judges will subjectively select the "Best" 45 essays, out of those essays submitted, for final judging, based on the Judge's best 'judgement' of the entrants Essay composition, original content and reasoning "why I/We should win one of the Contest 21 or 22 prizes".

These 5 independent judges will not be related to the sponsors of the essay contest or have vested interest in the Sponsoring business.

The names of the judges shall not be released except to a public authority requesting such information within the scope of its jurisdiction.

6. The Contest Sponsors and judges shall read and evaluate each essay properly submitted with a valid entry fee as here-in described. Each essay which meets the Technical Requirements as set forth here-in, shall be judged on the basis of structure of essay (introduction, body and conclusion), creativity, thought and the conveyance of capability and desire to own a 'Classic Car' or one of the other specified prizes.

7.TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: Each entry shall: a) Consist of a formal essay of 200 words or less in English; b) Shall be computer printed, double spaced. c) Entrant’s Name and address Shall Not appear on the essay. d) The essay shall be sent via email, as provided in details.

8. DEADLINE FOR DETERMINATION OF WINNING ESSAY AND RUNNERS-UP: The winner will be chosen on or before 1st April 2021, along with the 21 or 22 winners of Contest Prizes [depending if there is 1 classic or 2 classic cars listed as Contest Prizes]. The Contest may be closed earlier, when 3,000 Entrants have properly submitted the Essay and Entrance Fee, at the sole discretion of the Sponsors. The Winners of all prizes in this Contest will be announced 15 2021, unless the Contest is closed earlier.

The 20 or 21 additional prizes shall consist of 3-year subscriptions to 'duPont Registry' 'Autos' & 'Homes' editions.

The winner[s] of the Contest automobile prize[s] will receive a clear title to the classic car prize[s]. Delivery costs of automobile prizes will be paid by Contest Sponsor, up to US$5,000.; any delivery costs over and above US$5,000. will be at the sole expense of the vehicle winner[s].

9 .COPYRIGHT AND PUBLICATION: Essay contest entry constitutes an assignment to the sponsors of all copyrights arising under both statute and the common law and all other rights derivative there from. By entering the essay contest, entrants grant further permission for sponsors to publish all or part of the submitted essay and to use the entrant’s name and photograph and to publicize the winning entries and the names of all the final 45 essay submitters, all without royalty or other consideration.

10. STATE, FEDERAL AND INTERNATIONAL REGULATIONS: This contest is subject to the provision of all applicable International, Federal, State, and Local Laws and regulations. This offer is void where prohibited.

11. TAXES/FEES: The winning entrant shall be solely responsible for any and all taxes, including real estate transfer taxes, lawyer’s fees or fees of any kind imposed upon or arising out of successful participation in this essay contest.

12. DESCRIPTION OF PRIZE PROPERTIES: The Contest Sponsors will be presenting the winner[s] with the proper Certificate of Title and certify that there are no liens nor taxes nor mortgages due on the Contest prizes.

13. In lieu of accepting the Contest specified classic car[s] as prizes, the winner[s] of these car prize[s] may, for any reason, alternatively elect to receive 75% of the current market value of the vehicle[s] in U.S. Dollar cash, thus relinquishing any claim on the Contest's specific classic car[s] prizes.

Entry Form

Thank you for your patience, waiting for our "Classic Car Skill-Based Essay Contest" to become available shortly. We look forward to your Contest 'Entry', so please check back to locate our website "Contest Launched" announcement.


Our ‘Classic Car Skill-Based Essay Contests' award twenty [20] prizes in each Contest, consisting of either one [1] or two [2] classic cars as 1st and/or 2nd prizes, selected by a renowned European international classic & modern super-car Expert.

The additional 18 or 19 [if just 1 car awarded] prizes are nine [9] or [10] Swiss 1-oz. gold coins, selected according to availability, at Sponsor's discretion and nine [9] 3-year Subscriptions to 'duPont Registry 'Autos' & 'Homes'.

Don't forget, per Contest 'Rules', car winner[s] may, for any reason, select to receive 75% of the car[s] value - in U.S. Dollar cash!

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