1st Prize: 100% frame-off, 'nut & bolt' restored 1992 MBZ Gelaendewagen 250GD
Restored by Expedition Motor Company, which specializes in Mercedes-Benz Wolf ( G-Wagen) and Land Rover Defender restorations. This Solarbeam Yellow cabriolet comes with a rebuilt engine, new upholstery, air-conditioning, and a 4-speaker system with marine grade audio and amplified sound-system other options are available.

Note: this is a "file-photo" presentation of an actual 250GD restoration; however, at the time of 'Contest' prize-winners announcement and actual corresponding prize acquisition, a different restored G-Wagon model & year may be awarded, acquired from Expedition Motor Company or elsewhere on the open market, subject to Terms & Conditions in Contest Rules.
2nd Prize: a Land Rover Defender Compact Sport Utility Vehicle
The Land Rover Defender is a series of British off-road cars and pick-up trucks. They consistently have four-wheel drive, and were developed in the 1980s from the original Land Rover series which was launched at the Amsterdam Motor Show in April 1948. Following the 1989 introduction of the Land Rover Discovery, the term 'Land Rover' became the name of a broader marque, and thus no longer worked as the name of a specific model; thus in 1990 Land Rover renamed the 90 and 110 as Defender 90 and Defender 110 respectively. The 127 became the Defender 130.

Alternative,  2nd Prize

Alternatively, the 2nd Prize Contest winner may choose a near-new 2018-2020 pre-owned or new, 2021, Jeep Wrangler or Gladitator Custom or a near-new 2018-2020 or new, 2021, Mercedes Benz awd sedan.  The Defender 110, or similar, the Jeep Wrangler Custom and the Mercedes Benz must have a maximum acquisition value of US$80,000..
There are 10 Contest gold coin prizes, consisting of either a Swiss 500 Swiss Franc gold coin, 1-oz U.S. Eagle or 1-oz.Canadian Maple leaf, winner's choice !

Ferrari Museum tour prize

Contest Rules

  1. The selection of classic car[s], SUV[s], or modern/contemporary vehicles for 1st and/or 2nd Contest prizes is at the sole discretion of Classic Contests, LLC, the Administrator of this 'Skill-Based Classic Car Essay Contest',  Vehicle prizes will be acquired, normally in LHD, or alternatively in RHD configurations, if possible, based on Contest winners' choice, only IF such an alternative configuration is available. Otherwise, only LHD vehicles will be provided as Contest prizes.

  2. ELIGIBILITY: The Essay Contest may be entered into by anyone worldwide who is eighteen [18] years of age or older. The Judges of the Contest, owners and ex-owners of the classic cars/vehicles or other Contest prizes, sponsors, their employees or ex-employees, and the immediate families of those previously mentioned are disqualified and may not participate as an entrant. Multiple entries, with corresponding multiple fees, by an individual, are acceptable. This Contest is open to anyone, worldwide, living in any country, except where entering such a Contest is prohibited by respective local law[s]!

  3. CONTEST ESSAY SUBJECT: "What winning one of the 'Contest' prizes will mean to me/us in changing my or our lives and what will winning one of the Contest' prizes will mean to 'changing the lives of family members and/or friends, colleagues." - in 250 or fewer words.

  4. With the maximum of 5,000 Contest Essay entrants allowed,  US$50,000. will be donated, at Contest conclusion, to an automobile museum, an appropriate automotive-related entity or to a community-based charitable organization, or shared by both, at the discretion of Classic Contests, LLc..  If Contest is closed at either 3,500 or 2,000 Contest entrants participating, for example, the Charitable Donation will be provided on a prorated percentage amount basis of the full US$50,000. allocated amount.

  5. The Contest entrants have read the Essay Contest Rules and agrees to abide by these stated Rules.

  6. All Contest entries shall be deemed received whether or not the essay adheres to the Technical Requirements as set forth herein. Absolutely No Refunds shall be made by reason of non-compliance or for any other reason whatsoever, except as specified. Under NO circumstances, may the number of Contest be increased beyond 5,000  However, the Contest administrator reserves the right to accept less than 5,000 entries [see Rule # 19]. ! In the event of accepting a minimum of 3,500 entries, only the available 2nd classic car, SUV or modern/contemporary vehicle prize will be awarded, but all of the other 'CH' gold coin prizes [10] & the Ferrari Museum visit, including overnight accommodations for two [2] persons, prizes [10] will be awarded.

  7. The 'Contest entry fee is US$99. All entry fees shall be deposited into a Classic Contests LLC Essay Contest Bank Account as the entry fees required are received. No fee refunds are available, except as specified below in Rule # 19.

  8. If the minimum number of entries has not been received by the Contest anticipated closing date, the Contest closing date may be extended a maximum of 60 days, no later than 31 March 2022, at the discretion of Classic Contests, LLC.

  9. JUDGES: The five [5] Independent Judges will subjectively select the "Best" 50 essays, out of those essays submitted, for final judging, based on the Judge's best subjective 'judgment' of the entrant's Essay composition, original content, and reasoning. These 5 independent judges will not be related to the sponsors of the essay contest or have vested interest in the Sponsoring business. The names of the judges shall not be released except to a public authority requesting such information within the scope of its jurisdiction.

  10. The Contest Judges shall read and evaluate each essay properly submitted with a valid entry fee as herein described. Each essay that meets the Technical Requirements as set forth herein, shall be judged on the basis of the structure of the essay (introduction, body, and conclusion), creativity, thought, and the conveyance of capability and desire to own a 'Classic Car', SUV or modern/contemporary vehicle, as specified or one of the other Contest prizes.

  11. TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: Each entry shall: a) Consist of a formal essay of 250 words or less in English; b) Shall be computer printed, double spaced. c) Entrant’s Name and address Shall Not appear on the essay. d) The essay shall be sent via email, as specified in the details.

  12. DEADLINE FOR DETERMINATION OF WINNING ESSAY PRIZE WINNER and RUNNER-UP PRIZE WINNERS: The vehicle prize winners will be chosen no later than 10 days after the intended 31 December 2021 Contest closing date, per Contest Rules, along with the winners of the 'other' Contest Prizes [depending if there is 1 vehicle or 2 vehicles awarded as Contest Prizes]. The Contest may be closed earlier, when 3,500 Entrants have properly submitted the Essay and Entrance Fee, at the sole discretion of the Contest administrator, unless the Contest is closed later [no later than 31 March 2022], or due to technical difficulties, then as reasonably soon as possible thereafter for Contest prize winners to be announced.

  13. The 'other' additional prizes shall consist of 10 1-oz. U.S., Swiss or Canadian minted gold coins and  one [1] Ferrari Museum, Italy, entrance visit for two [2] persons, including overnight accommodations for two [2].

  14. The winner[s] of the Contest automobile prize[s] will receive a clear title to the classic car or vehicle prize[s]. Delivery costs of automobile prizes will be paid by Classic Contests llc, up to US$5,000. Any delivery costs over and above US$5,000. will be at the sole expense of the vehicle winner[s].

  15. COPYRIGHT AND PUBLICATION: Essay contest entry constitutes an assignment to the sponsors of all copyrights arising under both statute and the common law and all other rights derivative therefrom. By entering the Essay Contest, entrants grant further permission for Classic Contests LLC to publish all or part of the submitted essay and to use the entrant’s name & general location and publicize the winning entries and the names of all the Prize-winning essay submissions, all without royalty or other consideration.

  16. STATE, FEDERAL AND INTERNATIONAL REGULATIONS: This contest is subject to the provision of all applicable International, Federal, State, and Local Laws and regulations. This offer is void where prohibited.

  17. TAXES/FEES: The winning prize Contest entrants shall be solely responsible for any and all government-imposed taxes, including any transfer taxes, lawyer’s fees or fees of any kind imposed upon or arising out of successful participation in this essay contest.

  18. DESCRIPTION OF PRIZE PROPERTIES: Classic Contests LLC will present the Contest winner[s] with the proper Certificate of Title and certify that there are no liens or mortgages due on the Contest prizes.

  19. Classic Contests LLC will award the First Contest Prize, a fully-restored 1992 Mercedes Benz G-Wagen, or equivalent vehicle, provided by 'Expedition Motor Company' valued at a maximum of US$120,000.
    Contest Second Prize is awarded by the Contest winner's choice, either a restored Defender 110 or equivalent, a near-new [2018-2021] Jeep Wrangler Conversion 4 x 4 provided by either 'RubiTrux Jeep', 'Starwood Jeeps'  or other qualified conversion company, valued at US$60,000. to US$80,000. [maximum], depending on availability, for Contest  2nd prize fulfillment.
    Alternatively, Second Prize winner may select an available new or near-new [2018-2022] AWD Mercedes Benz sedan, valued up to US$80,000., which will be provided by 'Hoehn Motors' {Mercedes Benz dealership in Carlsbad [San Diego area], California, USA or alternative Mercedes Benz dealership, for a Contest vehicle winner designating a North America delivery location. 
    For a European or other world delivery locations designated by Prize winner, the new or near-new AWD MBZ sedan will be provided in the delivery-designated Country and by any world-wide-located Source, at the sole discretion of Classic Contests LLC.
    With worldwide delivery options being seriously delayed, curtailed or unavailable, for any reason, at the sole discretion of Classic Contests LLC,  the 1st Contest Prize Award will be US$120,000. and the 2nd Contest Prize Award will be US$80,000. in lieu of the described Prize vehicle.  The other Contest prizes will be delivered as specified.
    Note: Also see Contest Rule # 20 for Contest prize winners alternate Prize selection of 75%-cash value of the prize in lieu of the specified vehicle prize.
  20. In order for the two specified Contest vehicle Top Prizes to be awarded, all 5,000 available Contest Entries must be properly received.

    When a minimum of 3,500 Essay entries are properly received by Contest closing date, only the specified 2nd vehicle Top-Prize-vehicle, plus the gold coins and the Italy Ferrari Museum Tour will be awarded to Winners..

    In the event that no more than 2,000 Entries are received, Classic Contests, LLC will award only the ten {10] specified Gold Coins and the Ferrari Museum Tour prize.

    If 1,000 or less properly received Contest Essay are received by Contest Closing date, no prizes will be awarded and only U.S. Dollar cash refunds, evenly divided, of 100% of the Net Contest proceeds, after normal management and marketing expenses, will be refunded to ALL Contest Essay entrants.

  21. In lieu of accepting the Contest specified vehicle[s] as prizes, the winner[s] of these car prizes [s] may, for any reason, alternatively elect to receive 75% of the current average market value of the vehicle[s] prize[s] in U.S. Dollar cash, thus relinquishing any claim on the Contest's specific vehicle[s] prizes. 

Entry Form

The 'skill-based essay contest' format is being upgraded to a 'Raffle' format to better serve entrants and selected non-profit automobile museums & classic boat-related organizations for which we develop custom Raffles.  Please check back at a later date.


    Our ‘Skill-Based Skill-Based Essay Contests' award either twenty-one [21] or twenty-two [22] prizes in each Contest, per Contest Rules', consisting of either one [1] or two [2] classic cars as 1st and/or 2nd Contest prizes, selected by our renowned European international classic & modern super-car expert team.

    The additional Contest prizes are ten[10] Swiss or USA 1-oz. gold coins, selected according to availability, at Contest Developer's discretion, and ten [10] 3-year Subscriptions to 'duPont Registry 'Autos' & 'Homes'.

    Remember, per Contest 'Rules', Vehicle & 'other' prize winner[s] may, for any reason, select to receive 75% of the current market value of the Prizes @ Contest closing date - in U.S. Dollar, cashiers check or bank wire transfer!

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