'Winning' Classic Car Skill-Based Essay Contests​

Classic & Modern Super-Cars are a ‘Passion Investment ‘, designed with the enthusiast in mind, to diversify any investors portfolio:

“Diversification is the key to investment success. A widespread of investments is the trump card. The three most important principles of financial position are diversification, diversification, and further diversification. Very important is still a distribution of assets among various asset classes and currencies.”
We have carefully designed unique collector car skill-based essay contests for discerning individuals to win select classic, modern super & collectables cars, being offered by particular collector-car owners.
You simply write an essay, containing 200 words or less, stating why: “I/We would like to win a classic car or one of the other collector car-related or asset prizes.”
Please submit essays and entrance fees, per the ‘Contest Rules’ ., ‘Good Luck’!

"Closeout this year, heading into the New '22 Year, by  potentially winning a fully-restored MBZ Gelaendewagen - 250-GD or similar, or a 100% restored Defender 110, or similar, a Swiss 1-oz.gold coin or a multi-year duPont Registry' subscription !"

"Please go to the 'Contest Entry' page to view the 'classic/modern super-car prizes !"

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